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Comparing A Home Security Company VS A DIY Home Security Setup

The home alarm security business has had a drastic change in recent years. It used to be that you would call the security company and they would come to your house and do an assessment. They would check all of the vulnerable points of entry, and then hardwire your house to those points and set up sensors, alarms, lights, and cameras to set off alerts and alarms if an intruder breached any of these locations.

It is not too difficult to see where an intruder would want to enter your house, as that would be all of the doors and windows of your house. He probably would not want to saw through your roof, or come down the chimney, so the “analysis” part of all of that is really pretty useless. And today, instead of having to “wire” the alarm system in, everything is done by WIFY. Typically, a leading alarm company would “lease you the equipment” for a monthly fee, plus a setup charge. Once everything is set up, your home is covered.

Now, there is no requirement for a set up fee, and you can buy all of the equipment you need, for much less cost that the monthly fee from the security company, at any of the several dealers that are springing up. The older systems were not very flexible, since they were wired in, but now with the system running totally on WIFY, components can be moved around to fit changing needs.

The newer security systems are built upon a plug and play concept, and the whole system is DIY friendly, with sensors that work off of smart phone technology. The system puts an app on your smart phone and the entire system is run from there. You can buy your system ala carte, and fit it to the size of the home you want to protect, whether it is a small apartment, or a larger home. There are no binding contracts, and in most cases no monthly fees, which makes a system like this very affordable.

You can get sensors, infrared, and motion detectors, sirens, lights and everything you need to protect your residence. The only thing that most of these systems do not normally do is call the police, which can actually be a blessing. It used to be that the older systems had so many false alarms, that they called the police too often, which was a real nuisance for everyone. With the newer WIFI systems, the homeowner gets a text that the alarm went off, and a video can be sent from cameras on site, and the responsibility of calling the police is left up to the homeowner, as he sees it happening.

Technology is always changing, but for now setting up your own security system makes a lot of sense, especially from the cost angle, but also for the flexibility and the ease of knowing what is going on at your residence no matter what your location might be at any given time. If your location is in Chicago Area, and you want the very best home security professionals, then go to this website Residential Secure Monitors. You will be happy with these guys.